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Volume 36, Number 2
January/February 2015


Bill Kartalopoulos’s Introduction to Focus: Comics

Dash Shaw reviews Dennis Cooper and Keith Mayerson’s Horror Hospital Unplugged

Austin English reviews Anya Davidson’s School Spirits

Matthew Thurber reviews Tim Hensley’s Ticket Stub

Nicole Rudick reviews Aidan Koch’s Impressions

Joe McCulloch reviews Olivier Schrauwen Arsène Schrauwen

Bill Kartalopoulos reviews John Hankiewicz’s Education

Feature: America the Beautiful

Ben Railton reviews Allyson Hobbs’s A Chosen Exile: A History of Racial Passing in America

Charles Suhor reviews Thomas W. Jacobson’s The New Orleans Jaxx Scene, 1970–2000: A Personal Retrospective

Beverly Tomek reviews William Heath’s The Children Bob Moses Led: A Novel of Freedom Summer

Book Reviews

John Tytell reviews Atticus Lish’s Preparation for the Next Life

James Tad Adcox reviews Nicholas Rombes’s The Absolutionof Roberto Acestes Laing

Jason Jordan reviews David Connerley Nahm’s Ancient Oceans of Central Kentucky

Walter Hess reviews Marilyn Hacker’s A Stranger’s Mirror

Mary Pattice reviews Claudia Smith’s Quarry Light

Elizabeth J. Colen reviews Trevor Dodge’s The Laws of Average

Judith Podell reviews Lisa Birman’s How to Walk Away

Dinda L. Gorlée reviews Hester Velman’s translation of Renate Dorrestein’s The Darkness that Divides Us

Gina MacKenzie reviews S. P. Rosenbaum and James M. Haule’s, eds. The Bloomsbury Group Memoir Club

Lindsay Marshall reviews Steven Church Ultrasonic: Essays

Rae Muhlstock reviews Richard McGuire’s Here

Terry Hong reviews Michael Emmerich’s translations of Yasushi Inoue’s Bullfight, The Hunting Game, Life of a Counterfeiter

Phillip M. Mahoney reviews Andrew Coles’s The Birth of Theory

Elizabeth Kim reviews Alice Friman’s The View from Saturn

Mary Hale reviews Craig Bernier’s Your Life Idyllic


Page 2 - Jeffrey R. Di Leo’s “DIY: Self-Publishing in America I”

Scenes – Dos Gatos Press: An Interview with David Meischen


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