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Volume 37, Number 4
May/June 2016

Intersex Writing

Christopher Breu's Introduction to Focus: "Rethinking Intersex"

Eric Longfellow reviews Aaron Apps's Intersex: A Memoir

Catherine A. Ratliff reviews Georgiann Davis's Contesting Intersex: The Dubious Diagnosis

Michael Gibson Wollitz reviews Jeffrey Eugenides's Middlesex

Karlie Rodríguez reviews Abigail Tarttelin's Golden Boy

Christine N. Stamper reviews I.W. Gregorio's None of the Above

Jeff Glenn Edwards reviews Ellen K. Feder's Making Sense of Intersex: Changing Ethical Perspectives in Biomedicine

Feature: A Life's History; Portraits in Poetry

Regina Weinreich reviews Judith Malina's Full Moon Stages: Personal Notes from 50 Years of the Living Theatre

Ted Pelton reviews Hilary Holladay's Herbert Huncke: The Times Square Hustler Who Inspired Jack Kerouac

Duane Niatum reviews John D. McDermott's Red Cloud, Oglala Legend

Hasanthika Sirisena reviews Paul Pines's Charlotte Songs

Jennifer Levin reviews Michelle Greenblatt's Ashes and Seeds

Book Reviews

Christian Moraru reviews Michel Houellebecq, Lorin Stein, trans., Submission

Steven Moore reviews David Markson's This is Not a Novel

Jessica N. A. Berger reviews Peter LaSalle's What I Found Out about Her: Stories of Dreaming Americans

Jeffrey Cyphers Wright reviews David M. Katz's Stanzas on Oz, Poems 2011-2014

DeWitt Henry reviews Susan Tepper's The Merrill Diaries

Hannah Green reviews Sharon White's Boiling Lake (On Voyage)

Richard Martin reviews Gloria Frym's The True Patriot

Sarah White reviews Robert Wexelblatt's Heiberg's Twitch

Courtney Morgan reviews Jason Snyder's Family Album

James Tadd Adcox reviews Natsume Sōseki, Jay Rubin, trans., The Miner

Judith Podell reviews Thasseus Rutkowski's Violent Outbursts

Andrea Scarpino reviews Mary Biddinger's Small Enterprise

Phoebe Taplin reviews Robert Chandler, Boris Dralyuk, and Irina Mashinski, eds., The Penguin Book of Russian Poetry

Robert Kramer reviews Adam Kirsch's Emblems of the Passing World

Siham Karami reviews Quincy Lehr's The Dark Lord of the Tiki Bar


Page 2 -- Jeffrey R. Di Leo's "The Three Percent"

Scenes -- Sagging Meniscus Press: An Interview with Jacob Smullyan


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