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a + bend press:

The Academy of American Poets:

Academy Chicago Publishers:

Action Books:

The Advocado Press:

Adventures in Poetry:

AGNI Magazine:

Ahadada Books:

Ahsahta Press:

Akashic books:

AK Press:


Alice James Books:

Alternate Press Books:

American Literary Review:

American Poetry Review:

Amok Books:


Anhinga Press:

Annick Press:

Another Chicago Magazine:

Anvil Press:

Applause Theatre & Cinema Books:

Apex Press:

Apogee Press:

Apollinaires Bookshoppe:

Aquarius Press:

Aqueduct Press:

Archipelago Books:

Arc Poetry Magazine:

Arc Publications:

Arsenal Pulp Press:

Arte Público Press:

Ascent Magazine:

The Ashland Poetry Press:

The Asian-American Writers' Workshop:

The Association of Writers and Writing Programs (AWP):

Astounding Beauty Ruffian Press:

Atlanta Review:

August House:

Ausable Press:


Autumn House:

Avec Books:

Avenue B:

Avery House Press Inc.:

Avocet Press:

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Backstage Books:

The Backwaters Press:

Banff Centre Press:

Barn Owl Review:

Barrow Street:

Bateau Press:

Bayeux Arts:

Baylor University Press:

Beacon Press:

Bear Star Press:

Bella Books:

Bellevue Literary Press:

Between the Lines:

Big Head Press:

Bilingual Review Press:

Bison Books:

Bitter Oleander Press:

BkMk Press:

Black Classic Press:

Black Lawrence Press:

Black Moss Press:

Black Sparrow Books:


Bloodaxe Books:


Bluestem Press:

BOA Editions, Ltd:

Bold Strokes Books:

Bomb Shelter Press:

Book Expo America:

Book Publishing Company:

Book Thug:

Bordighera Press:

Borealis Press:

Bottom Dog Press:

George Braziller, Inc.:

Breakaway Books:


Brickhouse Books:

Briery Creek Press:

Bright Hill Press:

BrokenBeautiful Press:

Broken Jaw Press:

Brown Paper Publishing:

Bucknell University Press:

Burning Bush Publications:

Burning Deck Press:

Buschek Books:

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Cadence Jazz Records:

Cadmus Editions:

Calaca Press:

Calamari Press:

Calyx Press:

Camber Press:

Cambridge University Press-North America:

Canarium Books:

Candlewick Press:

Cannibal Books:

Carcanet Pres:

Carnegie Mellon University Press:

Catalyst Book Press:

Cavan Kerry Press:

Cave Canem:

Center for Book Arts:

Chardon Press:

Charles H. Kerr Publishing Company:

Chax Press:

Chelsea Green:

Chiasmus Press:

Chicory Blue Press, Inc.:

Children's Book Press:

Chronicle Books:

Cincos Puntos Press:

City Lights:

City Works Press:

Clarity Press:

Clear Cut Press:

Clear Light Publishers:

Cleis Press:

Cleveland State University Poetry Center:

Coffee House Press:

Columbia University Press:

Common Courage Press:

Conari Press:

Concrete Wolf Publications:

Continuum Books:

Conundrum Press:

Copper Canyon Press:

Cork University Press:

Cormorant Books:

Cornell University Press:

Coteau Books:

Council of Literary Magazines and Presses (CLMP):


C & R Press:

Creation Books:

Creative Book Publishing:

Cumulus Press:

Curbstone Press:

Cuz Editions:

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Dalkey Archive Press:

Dancing Girl Press:

Del Sol Press:

Dharma Publishing:

The Disinformation Company:


Dowitcher Press:

Dragon Press:

Dufour Editions:

Duke University Press:

Duquesne University Press:

Duration Press:

Dzanc Books:

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Eastern Washington University Press:

ECW Press:

Edge Books:

Effing Press:

Ektasis Editions:

Elik Press:

Elixir Press:

Emergency Press:

Eraserhead Press:

Essay Press:

Etruscan Press:

Europa Editions:

Exact Change:

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The Fair Press:

Fairleigh Dickinson University Press:

Fantagraphic Books:

Farrar, Straus and Giroux:


Feminist Press:

Fence Books:

Feral House:

Fernwood Publishing:

Fiction Collective Two (FC2):

Fiction International:

Finishing Line Press:

Firewheel Editions:

First Intensity Press:

Flambard Press:

Flood Editions:

Floricanto Press:

Foot Hills Publishing:

Four Way Books:

Fordham University Press:

Four Way Books:

Freedom Press:

Freedom Voices:

Frog Hollow Press:

Fugue State Press:

Future Tense Publishing:

Futurepoem Books:

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Gallaudet University Press:

Garrett County Press:

Georgetown University:

Ghost Road Press:


GirlChild Press:

Gival Press:

David R. Godine, Publisher:

Gorsky Press:

Granary Books:

Graywolf Press:


Green Dragon Press:

Green Integer:

Gryphon House, Inc.:

Guernica Editions:

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Hamilton Stone Editions:

Hanging Loose Press:

Hard Press Editions:

Harvard University Press:

Haworth Press:

Hawthorne Books and Literary Arts:

Haymarket Books:

Helicon Nine:

Hermana, Resist:

Highmoonoon Books:

Hill Street Press:

Himalayan Institute:

Hobart and William Smith Colleges Press:

Holy Cow! Press:

Host Publications:

Hourglass Books:

House of Anansi Press:

Howard University Press:

Human Rights First:

Human Rights Watch Publications:

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Ig Publishing:

Improvised Music from Japan:

Indiana University Press:

Inner Traditions:

Insomniac Press:

Interlink Books:

Island Press:

ISI Books:

Italian American Writers:


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Jargon Books:

The Johns Hopkins University Press:

Just Us Books:

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Kalamalka Press:

Kali for Women:

Kearney Street Workshop:

Kelsey St. Press:

Kent State University Press:

Knopf Publishing House (Alfred A. Knopf):

Kore Press:

Kodansha International:

Krupskaya Books:

Kulupi Press:

Kumarian Press:

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La Alameda Press:

Lake Forest Literary Festival:

Lantern Books:

Last Gasp Books:

Leapfrog Press:

Leaping Dog Press:

Lee & Low Books:

Les Figues Press:

Litmus Press:


Litteraria Pragensia:

Little, Brown and Company:

Livingston Press:

Lost Horse Press:

Lost Roads Press:

Louisiana Literature Press:

Louisiana State University Press:

Lynne Rienner Publishers:

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Main Street Rag Store:


Mandala Publishing Group:


Manic D Press:

Manifest Press:

Many Names Press:

Marick Press:

Marquette University Press:

Marsh Hawk Press:

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology Press:

Mayapple Press:


McSweeney's Books:

Mercer University Press:

Mercury House:

Meritage Press:

Merrell Publishers:

Miami University Press:

Michigan State University Press:

Mid-List Press:

A Midsummer Night's Press:

Milkweed Editions:

Millivres Prowler Group:

The MIT Press:

Monthly Review Press:

Moving Parts Press:

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Nation Books:

National Endowment for the Arts (NEA):

New Directions Publishing:

New Issues Poetry & Prose:

The New Press:

New Rivers Press:

New Society Publishers:

New Star Books:

New Victoria Publishers, Inc.:

New Village Press:

New York University Press:

New Sage Press:

Night Shade Books:

Ninebark Press:

No Tell Books:

Noemi Press:

Nolo Press:

North Atlantic Books:

University Press of New England:

Northern Illinois University Press:


Northwestern University Press:

NYU Press:

Now What:

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O Books:

Oberlin College Press:

Off The Grid Press:

Ohio University Press:

Ohio State University Press:


Ontario Review Press:

Oolichan Books:

Open City Magazine & Books:

Orbis Books:

Orchises Press:

Oregon State University Press:

Other Press:

OV Books:

Other Voices:

The Owl Press:

Oxford University Press USA:

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Parallax Press:

Paraclete Press:

Paradigm Publishers:

Paris Press:

Parlor Press:

Parsifal Editions:

Paul Dry Books:

Pavement Saw Press:

Paycock Press:

Marc Penka Poetry Award:

Penmaen Press Books:

Penn State University Press:

Persea Books:

Perugia Press:

Pilot Books:

Plain View Press:

Platonic 3Way Press:

Pleasure Boat Studio:

Plough Publishing House:

Pluto Books:

Poets Corner Press:


Poltroon Press:

Post-Apollo Press:

Post Pressed:

Potomac Books:

Powerhouse Books:



Prickly Paradigm:

Princeton University Press:


Purdue University Press:


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Quale Press:

Raven Tree Press:

Ravenna Press:

Raw Dog Screaming Press:

Reaktion Books:

Red Hen Press:

Red Letter Press:

Red Morning Press:

Red Wheel/Weiser:

Redbone Press:

RE/Search Publications:

Rich Shapiro:

Roof Books:

RopeWalk Press:

Rose Metal Press:

Rowman & Littlefield:

Rutgers University Press:

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Sage Hill Press:

Salmon Poetry:

Salt Publishing:

San Diego City Works Press:

San Diego State University Press:

Sarabande Books:

Scarecrow Press, Inc.:

Scarlet Tanager Books:

Seal Press:

Second Story Press:

See Sharp Press:

Sentient Publications:

Serpents Tail Publishing:

Seven Stories Press:

Shambhala Publications:

Sheep Meadow Press:

Shenandoah, The Washington and Lee University Review:

Shoemaker & Hoard:

Sierra Club Books:

Signature Editions:

Silverfish Review Press:

Simon & Schuster:

Sixteen Rivers Press:

Slapering Hol Press:

Slope Editions:

Small Beer Press:

Small Desk Press:

Smart Art Press:

Snapshot Press:

Snow Lion Publications:

Soft Skull Press:

Soho Press:

South End Press:

Southern Illinois University Press:

Southern Methodist University Press:

SPD Books:

Speck Press:

Spineless Books:

Spinsters Ink:

Spire Press:

Spout Press:

Spuyten Duyvil:

Stanford University Press:

Star Cloud Press:


Station Hill/Barrytown:

Steerforth Press:

Stone Bridge Press:

StringTown Press:

Subito Press:

Subpress Collective:

Sumach Press:

SUNY Press (State University of New York Press):

Surrealist Editions & Black Swan Press:

Switchback Books:


Syracuse University Press:

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Tam Tam Books:

Tarpaulin Sky Press:

Teachers & Writers Collaborative:

Teachers College Press:

Tebot Bach:

Temple University Press:

Texas A&M University Press:

The Texas Review:

Texas Tech University Press:

Texas Western Press:

Theatre Communications Group:

Thistledown Press Ltd.:

Thomas Dunne Books:

Tia Chucha Press:

Tilbury House:

Toadlily Press:

The Toby Press:

Trafford Publishing:


Trinity University Press:

Truman State University Press:

TSAR Publications:

Tupelo Press:

Turtle Point Press:

Twisted Spoon Press:

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Uccelli Press:

Ugly Duckling Presse:

Ulysses Books:

Unbridled Books:

The University of Akron Press:

The University of Alabama Press:

University of Alaska Press:

University of Alberta Press:

University of Arizona Press:

University of Arkansas Press:

University of British Colombia:

University of California Press:

University of Chicago Press:

University of Delaware Press:

The University of Georgia Press:

University of Hawaii:

University of Houston-Victoria:

The University of Illinois Press:

University of Iowa Press:

University of Maine Press:

University of Massachusetts Press:

The University of Michigan Press:

University of Minnesota Press:

University of Missouri Press:

University of Montreal Press:

University of Nebraska Press:

University of Nevada Press:

University of New Mexico Press:

The University of North Carolina Press:

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The University of Notre Dame Press:

University of Oklahoma Press:

University of Ottawa Press:

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University of Queensland Press:

The University of Rochester Press:

The University of Scranton Press:

The University of South Carolina Press:

The University of Tampa Press:

The University of Tennessee Press:

University of Texas Press:

University of Texas-Pan American Press:

University of Toronto:

University of Utah Press:

University of Virginia Press:

University of Washington Press:

The University of Wisconsin Press:

University Press of Colorado:

University Press of Florida:

University Press of Kansas:

The University Press of Kentucky:

University Press of Mississippi:

University Press of New England:

Utah State University:

Utne Reader:

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Vanderbilt University Press:

The Vegetarian Resource Group:

Vehicle Editions:

Verso Books:

Vintage Books:

Virago Press:

Volcano Press:

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Wake Forest University:

Washington State University Press:

Washington Writers' Publishing House:

Wave Books:

Wayne State University Press:

Wesleyan University:

The Wessex Collective:

Western Michigan University:

Whereabouts Press:

White Cliffs Media:

White Pine Press:

Wilfrid Laurier University Press:

Wind Publications:

Wings Press:

Wisdom Publications:

The Women's Press:

Women's Press:

Word Warriors Press:

Word Works:

Wordcraft of Oregon:

WordTech Communications:

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Yale University Press:

Yellow Moon Press:

Zed Books:

Zephyr Press:

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Publisher: Jeffrey R. Di Leo

Editor: Jeffrey R. Di Leo

Managing Editor: Jeffrey A. Sartain

Assistant Editor: Lauren Pirosko

Publisher Emeritus: Charles B. Harris

Associate Editors: Charles Alexander, Mark Amerika, R.M. Berry, Dagoberto Gilb, C. S. Giscombe, Dinda L. Gorlée, Charles Johnson, Cris Mazza, Larry McCaffery, Christina Milletti, Doug Nufer, Kevin Prufer, John Tytell, Barry Wallenstein, Tom Williams, Eric Miles Williamson

Contributing Editors: Rudolfo Anaya, Ron Arias, John Ashbery, Michael Bérubé, Rosellen Brown, Andrei Codrescu, William Demby, Rikki Ducornet, William Gass, Joseph D. Haske, Russell Hoover, Steve Katz, Clarence Major, Carole Maso, Michael McClure, Joyce Carol Oates, Daniel T. O'Hara, Marjorie Perloff, Robert Peters, Corinne Robins, Charles Russell, Paul Schiavo, Barry Seiler, Charles Simic, Bruce Sterling, Regina Weinreich

Cover page for Volume 38, Issue 2
Volume 38, Issue 2

Cover page for Volume 38, Issue 1
Volume 38, Issue 1

Cover page for Volume 37, Issue 6
Volume 37, Issue 6

Cover page for Volume 37, Issue 5
Volume 37, Issue 5

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